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2 The John Lennon Collection John Lennon John Lennon Official 2ebccc44-ad6c-4b52-a701-dc0abc22eaa0
3 Cosmic Country Lowell George Various Artists Official cd3d65f7-8596-4381-9d15-972b2ac66d06
4 The Essential Paul Simon Paul Simon Paul Simon Official 4f064a32-edd4-4f8e-979b-93ab24661a18
5 Achy Breaky Heart Billy Ray Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus Official 001bd6a7-fded-4dbb-b7ad-0f737159e9b8
6 The Lost Tapes @ Bell Sound Studios NYC Monica Zetterlund Monica Zetterlund Official f04a8dfe-7152-4dab-a117-efc7e406c031
7 The Great Ray Charles Ray Charles Ray Charles Official f7dedeac-a9c8-43f3-8cc9-5c7278938d89
8 Greatest Hits Joe Cocker Joe Cocker Bootleg b386a06b-5c53-4657-989a-47dec8ad575c
9 Aja Steely Dan Steely Dan Official 950038c3-c540-45f0-bf75-e63b8eeff427
10 Glass Houses Billy Joel Billy Joel Official bc2d4528-1487-3473-9afd-cc4aa94cfd1f
11 Best of Love Songs The Everly Brothers Various Artists Official 2e13374f-02c2-48b5-9ace-e4088c3c28ee
12 Standing on the Outside Sheryl Crow Sheryl Crow Bootleg 2c5e0bb8-3433-4da6-ae90-2000611544a7
13 Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong Official 7708cf3c-d785-4d59-b868-2f93ac1decd3
14 Cruise Control: The Very Best Drive Time Anthems Free Various Artists Official dea6594d-0cdd-433f-a499-d0a4862b9ea3
15 Yardbird Suite Charlie Parker Charlie Parker Official 3c813751-389e-4df4-b773-cedac8070d37
16 Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers Official 287ef0c6-82d5-45fb-b00a-ea07f51a709d
17 Music for All Occasions The Mavericks feat. Flaco Jiménez The Mavericks Official ed34f966-d3b0-4f16-b736-75912c04e4c9
18 The Complete Argo / Mercury / Art Farmer / Benny Golson / Jazztet Sessions The Benny Golson Quartet Art Farmer & Benny Golson Official b44246d5-3df2-47e6-86c7-e3b18eb026cc
19 Separate Ways Elvis Presley Elvis Presley Official 0f96800d-eada-4ec7-a499-a54bf5ef78e4
20 American Pie Don McLean Don McLean Official 8ef249ca-ba3a-4323-868c-1da388bd1fce
21 Genius: The Ultimate Collection Ray Charles Ray Charles Official 7d263559-f63a-4e79-a222-f272e0e46fff
22 Amor, amor, amor Jennifer Lopez feat. Wisin Jennifer Lopez feat. Wisin Official 739974b3-7b1d-4c69-9a13-9b07983e1f5e
23 Blood, Sweat & Tears Blood, Sweat & Tears Blood, Sweat & Tears Official aa23da2d-0f28-3b37-8f00-2f52dac7ed5b
24 Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix Official 575c4e9b-0d7b-3ffd-80f2-10edec60eb1b
25 The Wall Pink Floyd Pink Floyd Official 8eb1532a-bccb-4cc4-b590-5be19386a6f7
26 Beggar on a Beach of Gold Mike + the Mechanics Mike + the Mechanics Official 3f3b1c0d-ecf7-4ac2-bd9c-038842dedc2c
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