Demo-MsgBx contains a fully functioning version of Gramsoft's Multi Purpose MessageBox for Access 2003.
You can use parts of it of the whole package as a module. The command MsgBx can act in 6 different modes:

1) As in simple prompt box
2) With buttons eks: "Cancel; Continue; Abort" (First button is always default!) Returns the button number starting with 0 ("Cancel").
3) As an Access Message Box with numbers below 1000, as vbButton + vbIcon. Returns vbValues as defined by MsgBox. (Opens a possibility to exchange MsgBox with MsgBx in existing programs, but NOT 1:1!)
4) As a TimeOut Box where a number bigger than 999 will be accepted as number of milliseconds before the message will close.
5) As a Combobox with a SQL-sentence starting with "SELECT", the box shows a ComboBox with 4 values from the SQL-sentence, and will return the Primary Key of the selected row.
6) As an Inputbox, where a string without semicolons (;) and is not "OK" or "0", is the default value in an InputBox. The value (or Null) is returned.