The Main Menu
Due to many submodules in the application, the many modules has been offered a colour each:
1) WORK. The main module: The Works which everything is about.
2) SCORE. The description of the Works, and what makes it possible for others to play it and remember it.
3) REPERTOIRE. Lists of Scores. What you are going to play this night, or what you remembered your favourite band played that evening.
1) ARTIST. The persons who write the words and music and performs it all in the studio or to a live concert. Inluding all the engineers and producers who made it all possible.
2) ARTIST CREDIT. This is the Artists who in fact got their names of a recording, CD-release or other releses.
3) IMPORT. The form where new MP3-files are imported to the system, and the data delivered to the subsystems.
1) AUDIOFILE. Main data about the MP-3 files after import.
2) RECORDING. Each MP3-file is connected to a certain recording. This is very close connected to Music-Brainz.
3) PLAYLIST. Lists of recordings in some particular order. The lists can be played by the Player "GrammoPlay". Some of the playlists are dedicated to special purposes.
1) LABEL. The Labels which published the releases.
2) RELEASE. A release is any publication of a piece of musical art. Could be LP, CD or a streaming on the internet.
3) COVER. The images published the day when a work is published. Typical a LP- og CD-cover.